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The #4 article in the series on annuities will be published tomorrow.  This post is just taking a break in the series.

Although Senior Citizen Journal doesn’t endorse any product or Internet website or service organization, we do find opportunity to share information that reflects favorably on other people and organizations and products.  Such is the case today. 

We just received a telephone call about the sale of one of our old double-size beds… headboard, footboard, mattress and box springs.  We had fretted for several weeks about how we would try to sell it, knowing the cost of listing an ad could easily exceed the value of the bed.  It’s not an antique.  It’s just old and almost worn out, but still has a few good years left.

Without really giving it much thought, we listed the bed on, with a brief description and several good pictures that included all the scrapes and bumps and bruises on the headboard.  What a surprise when we get a telephone call, several weeks after it was listed, and someone is interested in that old thing.  We talked, he asked questions, I answered questions… and he drove about

two hours today to take a look at it.  He bought it after we negotiated the price,  and was delightfully happy to take that old thing home with him.

The upshot of this story is this:  There is a great resource on the Internet today to help us seniors sell our old things, some of which have very little value, but which someone else might find to be just what they are looking for. is one such site. is another (used to be Kijiji).  Every locale in the country has its own form of ‘local classifieds’ and the motto of each is similar:  Buy locally; sell locally; it’s safer and much less costly for everyone involved.

We agree.  There is no cost to listing on or, and the built-in safeguards protect both buyer and seller.  You have to know how to sift out the scams, and again the sites offer very helpful advice about how to do that.

We have now sold about a dozen ‘old things’ that we no longer have use for, but others have found just perfect for them.  We will continue to use the local classifieds to help our downsizing efforts, and recommend other senior citizens take a look at that option, if the need to sell something surfaces.

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