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2012, Looking Forward

Finally, we reached the crest of the hill.  2011 is spent.  What awaits is another one, not just like it, but characterized with its own uniqueness and unusual opportunities. We can’t know all the wonders it holds, the laughter it will generate, the fun it will be, the unexpected that we cannot not anticipate.  We are ready to behold a glimpse of what lies ahead.  Just a glimmer, not the whole picture, not a complete rendering of its masterful strokes that make up day by day.

It holds  only now a hint, an abbreviated taste of what is yet to be.  Looking back we can see, although it grows dimmer by the day, what the past year was like.  It held happiness and heartbreaking moments.  It was a mix of bane and blessing. It passed so quickly that we now see only “in a glass darkly.”  It was full.  It was empty.  It was and now it is no more.

Seniors Choose Happiness

Two days ago was both exceptional and peculiar for me.  It was both the climax  of a year and my birthday.  It was a time of separation from the past and anticipation of the future.  It was (December 31st) that day when everybody celebrates.  This midnight baby has always felt privileged to have been born on such a night.  Near the end of one and the happy start of another.  The Day of thanksgiving for my life is not an easy one to miss.  It is so in my face.  It is blatant and very matter of fact.  It is as if the world says, “aren’t you glad to be alive.”  What better time to rejoice at the passing of the past and the approaching of the new?

And now, two days later, we look forward.  We approach the new year, the new life ahead of us.  And we recognize we have choices to make.  What better time than now to choose happiness?  What better time than now to choose to reaffirm those relationships with family and friends that mean so much in our lives?  What better time than now to be ready for the serendipity, for the surprise just around the corner, for those moments that make our senior citizen lives so incredibly full of wonder!

Choose the half-full glass of water, dear friends.  Choose happiness!

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