Seniors: The Day Before the Storm

Apr 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What were you doing the day before the storm hit in your area? Likely, you were living your life, acting out your routine, doing ordinary and wonderful things, just enjoying being alive.

But today, how is it? The storm, which gathered momentum and picked up steam and debris on its way to your house or business or neighborhood, has now left its terrible calling card. There is little to salvage, hardly anything to keep, just piles and mounds of lost treasures, forlorn memories, hardly anything worth recovering.

The multitude of things you had rather be doing today has been interrupted by the overwhelming demands of what you must do. Where do you start? People come by, some to offer kind help, others to gawk, others to cry with you. Some, with less damage, just want to be here with you, while you adjust to having lost literally everything.

What must that be like? How do you stuff your whole life into a trash bag or a cardboard box to be sent on its way to some anonymous landfill? How do you even inventory, in your mind, all the things now gone in the snap of a tree? How do you account for that which insurance will cover and sentiment will miss forever?

How do you start over now that hope has been ripped from your heart?  The pain of loss of stuff, but more importantly the loss of children or friends, now looms before you as one of life’s harsh realities?

It seems to be happening everywhere these days, taking on all kinds of heinous and mean forms from hurricanes and earthquakes to tornadoes and monstrous disasters unimagined before they hit.

How does one get ready? What does one do to recover? How do you begin to smile and have a sense of “everything will be okay” again?

Begin by saying yes to everyone who offers a hand to help. Begin by being thankful that most people you know survived the worst of it. Begin by allowing your heart to swell with thanksgiving that you can start over. Begin by insisting that you be treated fairly and honestly as you go through every step of recovery. Begin by deciding that this will not get you down, that you will overcome and you will have a life again. Begin by knowing that through every storm comes a chance for life’s lessons to be taught in ways we had rather not learn, but taught for our benefit and growth as human beings.

Begin by deciding that you have been enriched by more good days than bad, and while this day may seem the worst you have ever known, you still are alive and may invite peace into your soul urging you to enjoy being alive again.

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