Seniors: The Best Part of the Day

Aug 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There has to be a way to deflect the noise and stress awaiting us on most days.  It is not too much to try to fashion a day that offers serenity and tranquility.  Not all of it, of course.  Days are like feelings.  Some are rich with satisfaction.  Some offer disappointment.  But days do not have to be burdensome and ugly and mean and loud and heavy.   They do not, in their whole, need to be occasions of dread and dismal expectation.  They can offer lift and light and promise and purpose, hope and happiness.

Discovering your best part of the day means you are able to shift your attention from the discouraging to the uplifting.  Sitting on the veranda or back porch watching squirrels frolic and search for nuggets is not a bad way to initiate a placid start to the morning.  Reading quietly a meditative and inspirational piece that sets your heart at ease is another. Engaging in the time honored practice of just letting yourself relax, completely, with no demands, no interferences, no setting of agendas is a day to day therapy worth enjoying.

Practicing techniques that work for you for instigating the best part of the day is not a waste of time.  It is an essential gift to yourself, to your peace of mind, to your having a day before you with minimum strife.  It is recognizing that you do not have to give yourself away to others and their cries for your attention. It is finding that you can, with gentleness, be in charge of what happens in your day.  It affirms that you are the one in charge of how yo feel, how you respond to the world around you, how you interact with others.

The best part of your day can be working at the best part of your life so that everyday ends up being better, every moment offers a chance for improvement, every encounter becomes a sensation.  Try today to start off affirming that this will be another day in which the best part lasts longer and so the next and the next.

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