Seniors: Taking Advantage of the Good Times

Nov 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One wonders what the good times will look like as we now have made a national shift affecting much of the decision making and outcome of same. Where will the anxiety and anger of this year’s political process, i.e. elections, lead us?

Whatever expectations there are, it will take time, perhaps as much as two years, to determine whether all the hoopla raised, money spent, posters printed, voices joined will have made any difference at all. We are, as a country, easily mesmerized, manipulated and perhaps even hypnotized by wild promises and fear tactics.

Now, the job gets larger. Holding those accountable who have made their promises and instilled fear will be the next and more demanding task of the voters who put them there. Promises are empty without substance and results. Watch to see the back pedaling. Observe the excuses, as discoveries are made that introduce reality. Smaller government, you say. Well whose ox will be gored? What need will be turned back? Who will be asked to sacrifice?

How does one address a multi trillion dollar debt? How will one say no to all the entitlements? If retired, are you ready to volunteer social security, medicare, disability insurance, or to see those, perhaps some in your own family, having to surrender their unemployment benefits? With infrastructures collapsing all around us, are we ready to call off bridge repairs, road replacements, community improvements?

This is no easy adventure holding out guarantees of a return to yesterday. This is no quick turn around to be stimulated by vague promises, empty rhetoric, and new movements primarily motivated by angst and anger. Will the good times have any chance at all to be resurrected? Will reason influence thought and decision? Will tolerance and understanding be given any chance at all?

If there are to be good times, they will be prompted at the hand of those who see through the temporary, the short term, the quick and easy. We have reached an intersection which requires studied determination and willing deliberation that includes all of us making a contribution. Raising our fists at each other will not produce the desired and desirable solutions we seek. What we don’t like about somebody’s idea, may be the very thing we need to consider. What somebody doesn’t like about our suggestion may be exactly what needs to be looked at carefully.

The rule here now is to take advantage of the euphoria and create opportunity for good times. Let us celebrate our having the foresight to iron out our differences. Let us choose a climate of conciliation. Let us restore a sense of honor. Let us embrace the qualities that contribute to a sense of hope and progress and promise.

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