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Jun 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Summer is that schizophrenic season when it is can be both delicious and intolerable.  It comes upon us, just after its introduction by way of tornadoes,  floods and other cataclysmic events.  We idolize it with thoughts of fire flies, longer days, cook outs, vacations, Little League games and watermelon.  It is a time that allows for a lazy nap in the hammock, under the shade of a gigantic oak tree. It is a time when we are thankful for both air conditioning and swimming pools.  It is a time to be free of some experiences like cold winter weather, while burdened with others, mowing grass, pulling weeds, mosquitoes, and perspiration.

“Summer time,” goes the old lyric, “and the living is easy.” However, news reports suggest Americans are less likely to take vacations than our European counterparts.  We keep on working, and for the unemployed wishing for work.  Too bad the romance of summer is so often interrupted by the starkness of reality.  We are trying to work out a schedule for our son to come our way for a summer visit.  His work needs and demands are such that it is very hard for him to do.  The joys and blessings of visits are intruded upon by reality and a time too short for well deserved encounters.

Summer should be declared as a holiday for all of us who wish for the relaxing satisfaction of being together with family, of experiencing a laid back, hang out, let it all go kind of time.  But the intrusions make their demands and we miss out on might be’s and could have been’s.

Why can’t the two seasons that are the adhesive which makes for solid family fun, Christmas and Summer, be given more lasting import, made into compulsory times for the family to be with and beside and near and close to each other.  If family is so important to the cultural fabric of our nation, why aren’t we doing more to keep that fabric from fraying and tearing apart?  With gas prices high and discretionary dollars less available, what can we do to see that our families find some rich possibilities for blending together into a mosaic that leaves us with precious memories, unequaled joy, summer times to savor and none that are not?

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