Seniors: Struggles with Aging

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A variety of struggles with aging confront us all. No matter our determination, our resolutions to the contrary will not prevent certain struggles to rise up to greet us with¬†their own determination and resolve. With each passing year, more of those struggles will worm their way into our life’s experience. We may try to resist the onslaughts of these unexpectd attacks. Neveretheless they will come and often prevail. They may be physical or psychological, gastric or genetic, sudden or surprising. They leave us with a sense of foreboding and fear, of lost confidence, of less assurance that we can handle ourselves as once we did so well.

They are things like grasping at memory, sudden aches and inabilities affecting our body in a variety of its parts, slipping motivation that leaves us with apathy and depression. They are attacks of enormous indifference ,loss of friends and acquaintances, a sense of not caring much about anything. They are situations of troublesome behaviors, loss of affection and even affirmation of others who have long been a part of your life.

What is worse, the struggles may alienate you from your family, who, in the face of your own struggles are attempting to be present for you, to assist in sorting out what is happening and how best to deal with it. To be sure all of these onsets will not occur at once. Learning to recognize what is happening and how to address each one as it comes will likely head off being completely overwhelmed.

The good news is that with insight and counsel, there are ways to meet and address many, if not most, of these demons who seek to reduce our aging experiences to a war of wills. If the issues are attitudinal (low tolerance level, dislike of change or inability to accept differences in people), seek out counsel who is equipped in appropriate ways to probe what is going on and what may be done to relieve the situation. If physical (diminished mobility, difficulty remembering or unusual aches and pains), seek advice from your primary physician, being sure to cover all your questions and concerns. If you have not had an annual physical, do so with haste. Struggles with aging will or, at least, may continue to plague you without your providing appropriate initiative. The anxiety of worry will only exacerbate the condition.

Just finished our morning walk and passed an octogenerian who declared she “is great” and having a supercalifragilistic day. She is in touch with herself and whatever her body is communicating. She is receiving the messages quite positively. Visited a Physical Therapist to deal with some “balance” issues yesterday, resulting in a series of therapy sessions to strengthen my leg muscles and self-confidence in concerns about balance. Took the test that measures confidence in balance, found myself well¬†below the median for a man my age. Thus, back to daily exercises and therapy sessions to head off any potential falls or accidents.

The best way to wrestle with matters such as these is to be in touch with your body. What are the signals it is sending? Who can help me know how to receive the signals? What must I be ready to do to take on the signals which, with care and discipline, can be remedied? You are still in reasonably good shape. Keep yourself that way!

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