Seniors: Strength for Days Like This

Feb 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While it is an out patient procedure, it nonetheless carries with it anxiety and concern.  Today, my dear wife is having laser surgery (again) on her right eye.  Diagnosed with Glaucoma, she has had the procedure before, but this one will involve the piercing of two holes in her eye to assist clarity of vision.  For her husband, it is a matter of trepidation, because anytime your spouse’s health is compromised, you care and care deeply.

For my part, I have had three corneal transplants.  As long ago as those were, right now they don’t feel nearly so serious as what my sweetheart is anticipating.  So it is necessary to bundle up one’s strength to be present and comforting at a time like this.  There are several family members whose support will be abundantly available.  There can be a variety of expressed readiness to reassure.  All of that is well and good.  But, this is my love, my companion, my irreplaceable and forever partner.

Any of us who goes through such moments as these knows what it is to feel vulnerable and anxious.  Externally we may display encouragement and resolve that all will be well.  Each of us knows that strength will be available and called upon. None of us expects a downside outcome.  Each of us who undergoes any procedure that involves someone so dear will, no matter the situation, have our own internal gnawings.  That is why strength for days like this, no matter what, is so overwhelmingly necessary. 

The time comes for all of us when we are faced with such moments.  The expressions, no matter how communicated, from friends and family lift us up and help us make it through.  Remember that the next time you are personally faced with just such a day.

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