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Consider Your Environment

One of the important activities for seniors to do daily is to stay well and keep fit.  It is so easy to wander away from the good practices of keeping yourself healthy.  A recent trip interrupted my routine:  the result a cold and respiratory condition that I have been fighting since.  It would have been better, had circumstances allowed, for me to find ways to stay within the boundaries of my usual practices.  That is often difficult to do when your surroundings are quite different and other circumstances contribute to discouraging your usual routine.

For seniors, routine is very important.  Here are some practices to try to keep in place, whether at home or away:

  • Try to get to bed at your usual time, even if there is a time change, work into it over more than one night.
  • Try to arrange for your sleeping habits to go uninterrupted, e.g. temperature in the room, similar pillow, lighting that doesn’t disturb you.
  • If you are a guest in someone’s home, all of this becomes more of a challenge.  Duplicating your usual routine will require some sensitive and careful diplomacy.  Perhaps suggesting that you stay in a motel during your stay would work.  If it is family, this becomes more difficult.
  • Try to keep your hygiene habits the same as at home.  If you shower in the morning, do so where  you are visiting.  If you take an early morning walk or workout, try to arrange for that.  If you eat a light breakfast, stay with that expectation.
  • Interrupting any of your basic habits and routines may contribute to your tempting illness.  One of the things that helps maintain seniors’ health is having a regimen of activities and expectations that go uninterrupted, in so far as possible.
  • Before your trip, perhaps it is best to explain to your host, if staying in a home, your condition and volunteering to stay in a hotel or other accommodation.  Help your host understand that the trip will be more pleasant for everyone if you are able to maintain your general behaviors.

Staying well and keeping fit for seniors implies maintaining a healthy immune system.  Compromising, especially on trips and particularly on flights may put you in a situation of discomfort and recovery for several days following your journey.  Do all you can to sustain  your routine and keep yourself stabilized. By all means, remember to take all your medications and supplements.  Your journey will be much more satisfactory for yourself during and after the trip.

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