Seniors: Starting a New Day

May 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Cool air, a cup of coffee,  a front porch with a view, keeping track of our two pets, trying to prohibit the invasion of too many world interruptions, that’s my idea of starting a new day.

Tranquility is a requirement these days.  For as long as you can enjoy it.  The morning scurries away much too rapidly.  Other distractions make their claim.  Bliss and peace must be claimed while there is opportunity.  Before the phone rings.  Before the day’s duties make their demands.  Before the heaviness of the world news weighs in.  “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!” They wilt much too soon.

Persons spend their early morning retreats in a variety of ways.  Some do not give permission for retreat at all.  They just jump in.  Mistake.  Particularly, as we age do we need the balm of silence, the serenity of quiet.  While there is not much we may be able to do to affect the world’s condition,  one can, at least, attempt to address one’s own state of mind, level of sanity, ability to withstand the onrush of disturbances that well up all around us.  At least we can do that.

Lacking the opportunity, or just overlooking doing it, one harms one’s own frame of mind by avoiding the chance to create a moment apart.  Everyday.  There is nothing more important than coming to the place when/where one discovers that fountain of peace, that peace of mind, that piece of a day’s existence that is wholly yours.

Nothing equals the value of such a choice.  Nothing exceeds the pay off of such an act.  Nothing contributes more to a day’s wholesome start and continuation.  Whether you meditate or pray or just maintain serene silence, your own pattern of finding a means for starting a new day will be its own reward.

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