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Create Memories with Your Elderly Loved Ones

Whatever the occasion, special or ordinary, there is good reason, to create out of every opportunity we have with our senior family and friends, activities and memories worth preserving.

Too many of us get into the habit of expecting not to expend extra energy or investing meaningful time with older persons in our family circle or among our acquaintances.  Our elderly loved ones spend an inordinate amount of time alone, particularly if they reside in a care facility.  Many residents, of such facilities, know few who are their neighbors.  Some come from other communities, literally knowing no one with whom they expend their days.  Loneliness and meaninglessness can quickly become a malady, creating depression, discouragement and despondency.

Tips for Activities With Elderly

There are many small and thoughtful ways to bring presence and momentary satisfaction to a senior’s day.  Right now is a good time to take excursions to show off the many beautiful gardens and yards that persons have worked hard for others to appreciate.

When was the last time you visited the local library and selected a book  that the two of you could read together?  Did you see that article in the paper about the upcoming art show?  Couldn’t that offer an afternoon of entertainment?

Stop in to a shop that your senior has never seen before.  Take a senior man to the hardware store and let him loose.  If there is a remodeling project going on in your community, stop by  and look it over.  Go to  another care facility, share magazines or a collection of games that they might find entertaining.

Look for suggestions, invite ideas from others for things that make for memories and create special occasions for remembering.  Be on the lookout for someone who might like to join you on one of your serendipities.  Visit with the Activities Director to identify pleasure and fun things to do.  Solicit feedback from others.

Keep at it.  Use your own imagination to help give and bring meaning to days, when they are left with little to do or lack motivation to do it.  Come to the rescue of those whose lives aren’t over, whose days can be better spent, who may have a story to tell, who may teach you something about yourself.

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