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Six priorities for the new year worthy of consideration and implementation:

  • Tell someone everyday that you love them.  Don’t wait for some external provocation.  Initiate it yourself.  Be generous in your exclamations.  Be thoughtful in your generous sharing of love.  You and whomever you share this experience with will be enriched by it.  Even if you don’t receive feedback right away, don’t give up.  Keep this as your top priority all year long.
  • Communicate with the people in your life who have been and continue to be special and important to you.  When this year ends, don’t end it with regrets.  Choose those whom you know will be moved by your remembering them.  If they don’t reciprocate, that’s okay.  It is your move that counts.
  • Decide to be courteous and generous in all your actions and attitudes. There was an article that came by way of Facebook the other day.  It was full of anger and malice toward those without employment.  It demonstrated how utterly unkind it is possible to be.  They are now blocked.  If you can’t change someone who does not share courtesy and generosity, close the door and move on.
  • Discover new ways to enlarge your world view. Do not volunteer to participate in the army of those who belittle others, who demonstrate arrogance and antipathy, who are so judgmental and lacking in sensitive understanding.
  • Spend time sharpening your mind, building your muscles, loosening your joints.  A better body makes for an improved spirit.  An improved spirit encourages others to want to be around you.
  • Pay attention to those things that make for a richer life.  Check on your diet, exercise, laugh, meditate, read (good stuff), work at keeping your relationships healthy, discard the unnecessary that clutters your space.  Decide that this year is the year to be constantly aware of making your person the best person you can be. Be intentional.

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