Seniors: Simple Pleasures On Cold Mornings

Jan 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Our two pets, one a papillion, the other a daschund, have a morning habit of chasing one another throughout the house, often stopping for a stand-off, barking and attempting to intimidate the other.  It is all for play and their satisfaction.  It does a great deal for mine.  I am usually at the computer, but when I hear them on the chase, I pause to watch and engage in their pleasure. However long they go, I sit still to observe their behavior.  It is loving and affirming.  They genuinely sound as if they might attack the other viciously, but alas it never ends up as anything but play.

Sitting quietly and enjoying simple pleasures on cold mornings has to be one of those gifts of retirement. Sometime, because of where we live, it includes sitting to watch the deer graze in our front and side yards. Sippping coffee and watching the sun rise through the barren trees is another natural gift to treasure.

The fireplace invites quiet contemplation.  A book urges its finish.  Time on the computer searching for good ideas, inspiration, and communications from friends are other ways to discover simple pleasures on cold mornings.

Depending on your ability to withstand the cold, a brisk, but brief, walk offers the momentary experience of alowing nature to be in charge.  Right now, our two dogs have discovered a squirrel foraging for acorns outside my study window.  With sudden barks, they dispatched that squirrel to relocate elsewhere. It is so cold here today that all the water faucets and pipes had to be protected from temperatures in the teens.  It was a task, but one we were  up to doing.  It amounted to being sure we were prepared against the threat of a plumber’s call.

No matter what you are about make your day one of simple pleasures to create warmth on cold mornings.

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