Seniors: Second Guessing My Memory

Apr 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some advice: Be careful when you alter certain predictable habits, for fear your memory will not keep up with the change.

A recent move created a disturbance in my patterns of where I keep things and how I remember where they are. I readjusted some of those behaviors, just before the move and now am unable to find some things I would very much like to reclaim. 

If you suffer from the same affliction, here are some suggestions that might prove helpful:

  • If you are going to hide valuables, tucked away where only you know where they are, perhaps it will be wise to consider having a treasure map where you and your partner can tap into it to find what you did with your treasures.  Such a map might simply be a list of items and where you put them.  Be sure you put the list in a safe place where you can retreive it when you want.
  • Do you really need to keep what you’re hiding?  And do you possibly have memory issues?  Being the only person who sequesters information, items, and various keep sakes may mean having to admit to your own memory issues. Once, I knew where everything was. Now, I am both burdened by the volume and my memory issues for recounting my steps and finding what it is I wish to locate.  I may need to change some hiding behavior and take a look at memory issues.
  • Having a place to keep the special things you wish to protect is a good idea. Of course, that place can’t be so pedestrian that anyone can find it. However, it needs to be somewhere that you can reclaim it. Depending upon the item(s), you may want to consider a safety deposit box, a safe/lock box that you can hide in your home, or a household item specifically made to hide valuables. 
  • Moving has special problems for finding and retreiving items.  If you relocate, then your patterns for tucking things away will, of necessity, change. I had a gold piece some years back and a historical document that I very much wanted to preserve. Both lost their way in a move and I have never discovered where either was or is.  Almost every move has generated the situation in which loss has taken place.  If you are planning a move, you may want to consider collecting all your valuables (that you typically hide) and putting them in a safety deposit box until the move is over.

The point here is to try to find a system that will work for you to both keep your valuables protected and be able to remember/find where they are when you want them.

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