Seniors: Save Now, Spend Later

Mar 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Most indicators seem to be putting emphasis on frugality, spend thriftiness, conscientious awareness of economic conditions and downright stinginess.  It is more than a little scary to read the daily downturns affecting the economy of our nation and world.  If, like me, you are looking for an island paradise where the threats are not so grave, I wish you good luck.  My search has only led to more despair and tightening of the belt.

One of the features of my daily routine is to review the goings on in our world via the Internet.  It carries with it all kinds of good stuff, admittedly, but it also is overcome with all of the downsides of our financial, political, international and social interdependence.  There are no longer any major easy solutions, answers or encouragements it would seem.  I look for a Ben Franklin now and then to offer some of his simplistic counsel:  “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

This brings me to the credible counsel of the opening title.  Save Now.  Spend Later.  Do without whatever you can.  Most seniors, by our age, don”t really require quite so much.  I find it incredibly easy to walk through a mall or a store and pass right by the variety of selections.  I just frankly don’t need it.  I have more clothes than I can wear in a year.  Gadgets are all over the house.  Books, from years of collecting, are plentiful enough to keep me well occupied.  I don’t need the latest and the most shiny item on display.  I can well do without most of the stuff that tries to lure me into making purchases. 

I find that at the end of a shopping, or just looking excursion that I am quite proud of myself for not having yielded to any of the stuff in the store that I have no place to put anyway.  I salute persons who go directly into the department store, get what they  went to buy and nothing else, return to the car and feel good about themselves when they get home. 

The economy probably will recover.  But it needs to recover with the help of our common sense and good judgment and wise prudence instead of our stocking up with junk and things and stuff we don’t really need.

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