Seniors: Showing Gratitude to Our Partners

Nov 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In quick glimpses,¬†seniors (men especially)¬†often note how utterly giving and devoted our partner is. In all kinds of ways they seem to be always about something that contributes to the comfort and serenity of home life. They don’t have to do all the things they do. They don’t have to take on all the chores, responsibilities, management of the household that needs some one in charge. But they do. They do all that and more. They aren’t looking for praise, but they sure do deserve it. They are only doing what they understand to be what they can do to make living better and easier for all involved.

When company is on its way, who makes all the implied arrangements? When the grandchildren are dropped off for an overnight, who picks up the load? When some project needs tending who makes sure it gets addressed? When the laundry stacks up, the pantry is empty, a favorite shirt needs ironing, who takes care of it?

All the little and not so little crying for attention demands seem to come under the rubric of “let her do it.” And then, when its all done and all has been put away for the day, what thanks is there, what recognition, what reinforcement? That’s why lunch or dinner out is no small gift to her, as easy as it may be for us. That’s why an occasional bouquet, a well turned phrase, a box of chocolates all come at a good time, whenever that time is. That is why stopping in the hall on the way, for her, to another chore is a good time to stop her, look in her eyes, hold her warmly and deliberately and with a kiss in the waiting, tell her you love her.

Rewards are so small for those who do so much, keep it all together, look out for the small and large duties that help make the household the comfortable place it is. Rewards are not something to be earned, they are to be shared and given unconditionally. They illustrate that deep down love and appreciation that comes with having lived many years together, having shared many moments of joy and pain and hurt and disappointment. Altogether this living that goes on every day which requires a shared willingness to do your part is what makes up the bliss of being partnered. It is the secret of deep down affection. It bespeaks rich blessings and reminders of why you have chosen to be together. There is nothing quite like it.

So find those moments when rewards can be shared, an affirmation delivered, a moment of incomparable and genuine compensation expressed. That will be the moment when all the years and experiences will prove to be worth it.

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