Seniors Review Prescriptons and Medications, Salves and Ointments

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Prescriptions, Medications, Salves and Ointments, how many can we tolerate?  How many can we afford?  The physcian is ready to write the script, the pharmacy quick to fill it, but how many do we really need?  When is too much too many?  How do we manage the quantity and the variety of medications which are supposed to address and attack various conditions in our system?  Is there ever an inventory, after having been on such a number of various prescriptions, when the question is raised:  “Are these really needed any longer?”

Recommendation:  Before refilling a prescription, inquire of your physician the necessity of continuing that particular medication. 

Recommendation:  At least once annually, maybe at the time of your annual physical, review all meds being prescribed and taken.  Determine whether there are interactions that should be considered.  Review whether the condition for which the medication was initially made merits continuation.

Recommendation:  If you are experiencing various side effects, inquire of your physician or pharmacist what the possible cause(s) of those effects are and whether something should be done to address them.

Recommendation: If you have kept old prescriptions in your medicine cabinet beyond their effective date, discard them.  Do not take them.  Do not assume you can or should use them later without consulting your physician. Be sure to dispose of them safely; consult your local/county medical services to determine how they should be discarded.

Recommendation: If a condition for which you have had a previous medication resumes, do not assume the medication you took then will be the one of choice you need now.  Keep your physician in the loop.

Recommendation: Do not presume you are the one to treat yourself by conversing with your physician or pharmacist by phone and asking for a renewed prescriptiion or OTC med that might work.  Keep your physician and pharmacist aware of your situation, but allow them to do the prescribing and filling of your meds.

Recommendation: Your abilities may be very skilled and well honed, however, leave the diagnosis to a well qualified and professionally competent physician, who may know more about current conditions and meds than you do. 

Recommendation:  Stay humble.

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