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Careful and Meticulous Choices

Making choices and decisions in retirement takes on a whole new perspective in today’s world.

Every decision made can have long term and even threatening implications. Trying to secure your retirement income and resources will mean prudent review of what those are and how they are managed. In the face of potential cut backs in retirement income, e.g. Social Security and even the availability of Medicare, very meticulous review of your financial picture will be necessary, even mandatory.

Assuming that circumstances will remain about the same is no longer a safe assumption. Having a well thought through strategy for protecting your resources will be a discipline required of everyone. Increasingly, it appears that the competition for dollars, whether from businesses, government, and all other potential competitors, will be a struggle waged with determination.

It is likely to be an us vs. them dynamic. Holding on to your own resources may take on ideological as well as practical ramifications. What you worked hard to secure, what you have continued to do to preserve and protect your position will turn into a contest. Wise, cautious, and disciplined preservation of your situation will require constant supervision, awareness, keeping up with what is going on.

No Guarantees for Anyone

There are no guarantees in our current fiscal/cultural/political state that protection of any group is any longer a matter of fact guarantee. When the safety net begins to fray, all will be subject to slip through the expanding tear in its fabric. Look out that we don’t become so absorbed in our own self protection that we ignore what is happening to others.

The chapters that are being written of our generation’s history may not turn out to be the same as the idealized accounts of the past.  What is unfolding now may require more studied awareness of how our destiny can be reshaped and re formed into something we never thought would occur.  The pitfalls of the ordinary citizen, not to mention retiree, may enlarge into dangerous sink holes, awaiting us unexpectedly.  It is a new and unpredictable world out there, which will tempt those who are motivated by fear and distrust, to make choices and decisions that will be the ruin of their life’s goals.

We are now standing at that crossroads when it is ours to be aware of the pitfalls and to be well informed, prepared and informed to know what to do next.

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