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Health Issues as We Age

As we age, we all experience health issues to one degree or another that require repairs to our bodies.  Yesterday, as I sat in the dental chair, looking up at the glaring lights, I was aware that over the last few weeks I had had some experiences in common.  The first was a visit to my General Practitioner who discovered I was dehydrated and needed to spend some time on the table, looking up at those lights, whilst re-hydrating.

The second was a three hour surgical procedure transplanting a cornea in my left eye.  The bright lights above me assisted the Ophthalmologist with the very tedious procedure.  Finally, yesterday was spent, under the lights again, as my wonderful and dear friend, believe it or not dentist, dealt with a notoriously uncomfortable tooth.

While in the chair and on the gas, I was aware of the sense of being treated like Raggedy Andy, who after years of use, misuse, some slight abuse was being brought in for re-stuffing. So it happens every now and again.  The warranty seems to near its expiration, repairs are called for, gentle treatment is necessary.

Be Vigilant About Your Health

Of course, aging imposes some of the requirements that indicate attention is required.  Our bodies, not unlike our automobiles, remind us it’s time to heed the signals.  Appointments are made, reviews are undertaken and a diagnosis or quick repairs, where possible, are done.

In all three cases, I was fortunate to have competent and congenial  physicians who knew what treatment  was needed and how to head off other potential difficulties.  There is consolation in having medical professionals in whom you place trust and confidence.  There is satisfaction in knowing they will care for the predictable deteriorations and will do so with gentle respect.

Such check ups and slight tinkerings are sometime needed.  At other times, there may be shades of concern that something else may need further investigation and analysis.  We trust our primary care physicians and specialists, as identified, to lead us through the re-stuffing procedures.  Trying to keep us useful and fairly well put together is their duty.  Ours is to be alert to those occasions when we need their expertise.  Ours is to try to do the minor and ordinary tasks that keep us somewhat attractive, enjoyable to be around, and responsible for not getting too badly out of shape.

So, as reminders come for check ups and past due maintenance, ready yourself to follow up on those duties that you and your medical care professionals need to be alert to and ready to care for.

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