Seniors: Resolving and Dissolving Conflict

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Among the most negative influences on body, soul, spirit and mind is the presence of conflict in our lives. Whatever contributes to it, whatever aggravates it, whatever maintains its influence over us deserves evaluation and elimination. It is demonic, it is excruciating in its damage, it is potentially life threatening. If that seems to overstate the case, look at the last time you were involved in a deep seated conflict and try to recall what its overall affect was on you. More than that it extends to others. Your being in conflict ordinarily means it involves and invites others to be a part of it.

The first consideration for recognizing conflict, and your self interest in doing something about it, is to be aware that it is having major negative influence on your entire system, all of it. It is much like carrying around a bag of rocks day in and day out. Picking up the bag every day and having to carry it with you whereever you go, would be an undesirable activity.

So it is with conflict. It is not so obvious as a bag of rocks, but it has some of the same characteristics. Look at your stature, your posture while carrying a load of conflict. Observe your facial appearance, notice the wrinkles announcing that something is working on you. Listen to your voice and your comments. Be aware of your interaction with others. Watch how others seem to avoid you.

The goal in addressing conflict is to dissolve it. If left to its own devices it can and will become a life style. Recognizing the work it takes to address it, also realizes that it may not be a one time matter to exercise resolution. Resolving one conflict does not necessarily prevent the emergence of others. It won’t necessarily head off the behaviors out of which other conflict may grow. The immediate conflict needs to be evaluated in the light of “cause.” What caused it? What contributed to it? What I am doing to create and contribute to conflict? If it raises its ugly head periodically, then something else is going on. Dig until you discover what it is. Having found it, no matter how deep you must go, do what is necessary to dissolve it.

Conflict is an insidious experience which requires radical recognition and perpetual action to remove it from life’s experience. Do not give it a chance to take root in your spirit, body and mind. Determine that it is one of life’s behaviors that you can do something about. Head it off. Cut it out. Resolve, remove and dissolve it. Notice the difference it makes in who you are and how you are in relationship to others.

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