Seniors: Resolutions Not Worth Making

Jan 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Following this article there is a Postscript that is required reading.  Please do not read what goes before, unless you read what comes after.

Resolutions are readily made and, as we know, too easily  broken or ignored.  These are some which will likely appear on the screens of many personal computers.  They are, by definition and from experience, not worth the individual’s time making.

I resolve to Quit Smoking.

I resolve to walk two miles every day.

I resolve to lose 10 lbs and hold my weight at ______.

I resolve to give up sweets.

I resolve to only watch television 6 hours a week.

I resolve to join a Health Club.

I resolve to watch my diet.

I resolve to reduce my sugar and alcohol intake.

I resolve to discipline my spending habits.

I resolve to donate more to charitable causes.

I resolve to invest time and attention to my family.

These resolutions standing alone all sound meritorius and noble.  They are, however, all without oxygen unless you: 1) make them known to the persons they will largely affect.  2)be sure there is an accountability system to hold you to your resolution. 3) display these resolutions and specific ones that affect others in a conspicuous place.  4)give permission to others to call you out if you are not living up to your resolve.

Resolutions are such a joke because people seldom intend to keep them.  Thus, the argument that if there is no resolve to keep them, why make them at all.  Making resolutions means that a person typically is aware of behaviors that need altering, cleaning up, significantly changing.  Being aware and acting out the discipline are two radically different behaviors.

Sneaking to find ways to do what you have promised not to do, means you are not in earnest.  Don’t embarrass yourself and others if you really don’t expect to carry it through.

Don’t make commitments you don’t intend to keep.  If it is joining a health club, running 2 miles a day, have some one participate with you.  Putting something off that is a singular act is so easy and so difficult to resume. 

 Be sure others are aware of your goals for dieting, spending money,making pledges  etc.  Without someone to track your accomplishments and keep you honest, no amount of resolution making will be fruitful at all.  So, if making resolutions at all be sure a system is in place to assist those commitments to honestly reflect your integrity and your intent.

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