Seniors: Resisting Apathy and Enriching Optimism

Oct 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The codger (aka senor citizen) was asked: what is the definition of apathy?  His reply “I don’t know and I don’t care.”  About sums it up for persons whose lives have melted into total routine.  Where do we go from here? or, “is this all folks?” If so, there could be a lot of living years out there begging for something exciting, provocative and different.  Maybe you believe that 60 is the cutoff time for seniors.  I don’t think so.  Maybe you believe the curtain slowly edges down on the stage as the years introducing retirement come on.  Maybe you think that it’s just down hill all the way to death.  What a lousy, defeatist view of what life brings as one grows older.  It has to be better than that.

Among the contributors to illness and even death are “not giving a damn,” deciding that “life is a bore,” choosing only what is available, just “going along to get along.” My there are a lot of escape routes for choosing an expansive life  experience as opposed to a limited one.

Apathy has unique means for mesmerizing you into going along with a routine that has no creative excitement available.  Life without flowers is dull.  Life without laughter lacks lustre.  Life without serendipity is too structured. Life which chooses boredom over a whole universe  of other options promises emptiness.

The magazine, Reader’s Digest, is now in bankruptcy.  It was, for years, the fodder that fed older people.  It was a collection of articles taken from other magazines.  It, in other words, stole its material to stay alive.  Advertisers, for years, paid for the plagiarism of the magazine.  There was little creativity, almost no reason for it to continue its existence.  Until finally, advertisers said people are getting that information from somewhere else, why should we pay for it here or twice?  The magazine today is a slim shadow of what it once was.

The world of today’s thinking mind and challenged  humanity is much more inclined toward boundaries with no fences.  Climbing over or under is no big deal.  Recently the automotive industry has been shown that label loyalty is a thing of the past.  “Just because” is no longer good enough.  More than anything else, the Internet has opened the floodgates of possibility for everyone.  What once was deemed sacred is no longer so.  What once was seen as “just the way it is”  is long past.  People today explore, probe, look beyond, push the limits of almost everything. 

We are at the moment that recognizing our limits is understanding how many limitations have been erased, lifted, removed.  We are a freer people whose opportunities are much greater, whose wherewithal to seek and find is more inviting, whose realities are less confined. 

We are living in a new time when apathy has less influence and optimism is more inviting.

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