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The Throes of Moving

Good morning! We are back.  The last several days have been focused on a huge change of pace and a shift of direction.  Moving, as we have pointed out previously, is among the most traumatic of life changes. It is an upheaval full of unexpected revelations.  It puts the mirror of your person straight in front of you and says,  “so who are you really?”

Most of us much of the time try rather hard to resist going through such drama.  It is awakening to the soul, mind and spirit.

In our daily excursions into whatever way we define reality, we find that routine is preferable to disruption.  Many who work with the public have discovered how much of a struggle it is to introduce and cope with change.  It’s just easier, more comfortable, less difficult to keep things on a steady keel.

Even so, without much fanfare, change imposes itself upon us.  We find that we have made a huge shift in our behaviors and routines.  It is then we begin to discover that our personalities aren’t always what they have been.

Who Am I?  How Have I Changed?

The my and me and I are found out.  We find ourselves engaged in a mighty contention of who am I? At a later age than we expected.  Why, I went through all of this 40 and more years ago.  I fought with self identity when I was a teen.  Now, that I am post 70 why am I going through this all over again.  You moved.  And so did the universe.  So has all the magma and ethereal stuff of the universe undergone evolution.  You aren’t the same any more, haven’t been for years.

And taken slowly, oh so gently, there falls upon one’s shoulders a vague awareness that something is going on.  And it is this something that whispers to us “your life is not the same.”

Wow.  Make adjustments, recognize change as a dynamic that offers new wonders, wonderful adventures, life infusing opportunities. Seventy is a number, so is 80, and my mother can tell you so is 92.  Whatever awaits out there is an ingredient of life’s miraculous and unfolding secrets.  There are ways to live life that create more than we could ever imagine.  There are opportunities abounding as we redefine who we are at whatever age, accept the givens, shape the realities.

Change is like taking a vitamin that boosts energy and lifts the soul.

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