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Dec 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

SCJ today offers an Internet tool to help you get additional information about topics that are relevant to all senior citizens, and about which you may be worrying.  Getting information about such subjects is one positive step in curtailing worrying activity.  We recommend your review of several previously posted articles on SCJ which may assist coping even more productively with concerns that give us pause.

On each SCJ page, there is a “search’ box at the top.  Try this:  enter “alzheimer’s” in the box and click on ‘Search’.  Presto!  A series of articles will appear which were written and posted since SCJ’s inception.  They all relate to Alzheimer’s disease.  Don’t worry about caps and quote marks… just type in what you want to read about.  Keep it simple.

Some suggestions we have include:

  • cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • alzheimer’s
  • long term care insurance
  • insurance
  • annual physical exam
  • assisted living
  • funeral planning
  • medicare
  • exercise
  • health care reform
  • healthy immune system
  • accident risk
  • death

You may have others that are on your list of concerns.  Just type the relevant words in that Search box and see what comes up.

And we recommend you do this on our site with some regularity to be sure you don’t miss something that might be helpful to you.

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