Seniors: Qualities Worth Modeling

Dec 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Someone asked “just what is contentment,” following on our article the other day.  I thought I had covered at least some of the highlights of that state of mind, but, of course, there are many others.  Let’s get into some of those that might expand our repertoire of contentment.  For most of us, we can’t get enough of it.  For others, adopting contented behavior will be a giant step toward a better frame of mind, reference and being.

*Sitting and Contemplating.  This quality requires very little.  Props are a reasonably comfortable place to sit, preferably with a serene view.  Surroundings should include as much quiet as possible.  Nature offers a wonderful backdrop, particularly if there are sounds of birds and other creatures to enjoy.

*Taking your Time.  Rushing is a very sure way to head off contentment.  Getting in a hurry, assuming a deadline, when there need not be one, can disrupt any possibility for a contented state of mind. 

*Cramming too much into your day.  When one is beset with the need to be perpetually busy, count something out and that will likely be the opportunity to arrive at contentment.  Turn the telephone off for short periods.  Avoid having to have background noise, e.g. television and other noise making distractions.

*Spend time creating tranquil projects.  If you need something to do, find ways to invest your energy and time in things that elicit calm. 

*Take walks, but choose paths that are not beset with interruptions, traffic, disruptions and lots of noise and litter.

*Find persons who share your need to be content.  If they need to converse a great deal, save that for social interactions.  Take walks together, allow silence to be a part of your trek and agree that is okay to be together, but also quiet.

*Keep conflict in your life to an absolute, if not total, minimum.  Conflict is an enemy to  contentment.  It roots out the qualities that encourage and grow contentment. 

*Begin modeling these behaviors wherever, with whomever you are.  Allow contentment and its qualities to be master of your being.  If in an environment where contentment is challenged, learn how to be quiet in your soul and being.  Do not permit others to disrupt your quiet universe of contentment.  Soon they may get the idea that interference is not welcome in your presence.  They will make their choices accordingly.

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