Seniors: Protection from the Heat

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Wisely countering the affect of continuing high temperatures is a must priority in these doldrum days of summer.  While certain outdoor activities may hold appeal, the prudent person chooses the earliest part of day for walks, gardening, any activity at all.  Here are some hints to be sure you keep cool.

Drink.  Drink large volumes of water all day long.

Stay Indoors.  After about 9 a.m., stay inside.  Do not venture afar.  Do not walk the dog.  Do not do anything which  can create heat stress.

Dress comfortably, wear light clothes.

Keep your house cool by closing the shades, draperies, etc.

Run a fan to keep the air moving.

Do not cook, if you can avoid it.  Eat fruits, salads, light meals requiring limited preparation.

Take a couple of luke-warm or cold showers during the day. Set your hot water heater so that it is not overworking.

If you live in an area where restricted water use is advised, observe the restrictions.

Take a nap in early to mid afternoon when it is hottest.  Keep your body calm.

Schedule running errands or appointments so that it is done at the coolest time of the day. Avoid errands, if possible.

Keep all unnecessary appliances and electrical gadgets unplugged.  Lower the use of as much electricity as you can.  Set your thermostat at 79 or slightly higher.  Become accustomed to a higher in house temperature.

Read, instead of watching TV, thus avoiding the use of one of the biggest electrical consumers in your home.

Drink.  Avoid liquor, however.

Your comfort is key during this heat wave.  Care for yourself and suggest others do the same.  Unusual times require unusual shifts in behaviors.  While some may seem absurd, it is your protection that is being given top priority.  Exercise it.

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