Seniors: Pride in Family Grows

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Experiencing the accomplishments in your own family adds to a sense of pride and satisfaction available almost nowhere else.   When you witness initiatives being taken, success being achieved it is a joy unlike any other.  It simply means that the good things about the lives of those you love are showing up in ways that make them stronger, more respected, leading full and productively satisfying existences.  For such episodes to occur in one’s family and circle stimulates the endorphins in all of us.  We are proud to see others take up the baton and lead the parade in directions that call forth serious accomplishment. 

Such moments remind us what we attempted as we grew out of adolescence into adulthood.  We wanted to make our parents proud.  We wanted to achieve and succeed.  We wanted to experience the satisfaction we saw in our parents’ eyes as they watched us mature and walk across the various stages of life, receiving our credentials to march on.  When that happens, even yet, we are ever so happy that the lessons taught, the observations shared, the experiences of growing up explained took.  Sure, we all slide back and fall a few times now and then.  Falling and failing is part of the rhythm of life, just as getting it right and sharing in the outcome is.  When we experience the growth of one another in spirit and maturity, we grow closer, more committed to each other, more aware of just how much the shared relationship is valued.

A part of the contemporary struggle is being in those relationships that do not sufficiently reinforce one another and thus each other as a unit.  Lacking the commitment to reach out and offer a hand, support, encouragement, reinforcement means that a part of what stimulates energy is missing.  Giving to others is part of what offers the chance for a synergistic dynamic, sparking all kinds of wonderfully creative opportunities.  Trying to do it alone, ignoring the value of another leaves one empty and adrift.  Binding together allows for the possibility of mutual accomplishment and celebration of a task taken on, completed, allowing one’s own sense of pride to be enjoyed. 

No matter our age,  No matter how old we get,  No matter how down we may feel we are all met with the realization that others help us feel good about ourselves.  Relating to them, sharing our good feelings for and with them helps reinforce our own self image, our own renewed strength, our own ability to look for ways to attempt tasks and to accomplish them. 

Remembering, as we undertake our assignments, that our dedicating the fruits of our labors to those who helped us learn to be and do what we can be and do best will allow us to enjoy the accolades of pride we have in ourselves and others have for us.

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