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Preventing Aging is in the Mind

Before you book a flight to Florida, this column is not about the Fountain of Youth.  Before you purchase the latest anti aging formulae this is not a sales pitch.  It isn’t based upon Jack Lalayne’s exercise program, the latest gadget for a miracle exercise program to keep you young.

It is based on an incisive quote from  author Franz Kafka (1883-1924):  “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”

It is about discovering how to preserve the magic of youth, how to cultivate those behaviors and disciplines and practices that instill a youthful sense of being and behaving.  It is about refusing to give into the physical and mental deformities that take over, if we allow them, and ruin our sense of self worth and energized being.

Look for Beauty in Everything You See

Count up the number of times you have been ill over the past year or so.  Is it a lot? Is it a few? If itis the former, why?  If it is the latter, how did that happen?  What are the means for keeping healthy?  What are the practicies that head off debilitating illness?  What do you do to make your life more exciting, more fruitful, full of humor, more challenged?  How do you go about attracting people to your circle that make for happy experiences and meaningful encounters?

What is it you look for at the rising of the sun, its setting, in the dark of night when the moon hangs low?  Is it beauty?  Are you prone to see the beauty on a city street, in the variety of buildings and intersections and rushing people making their way to their destinations?

How do you prepare yourself for experiencing what you will encounter as you move from now to then, from moment to moment, from inside to out? What do you behold in the faces of those you pass, do wrinkles stand out or the facial lines of laughter?

Behold the beauty!  Witness the remarkable!  Embrace the unexpected! Stay young!

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