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Political Campaigns Begin

It has already started and it won’t be long before the virtual tsunami of political advertising, one liners, manipulated interviews, bill boards and campaign signs will proliferate everywhere.  The landscape will be littered, the commercials will multiply, the rage will begin, the promises will inundate, the public will be manipulated.

In an article the other day, I said I was giving up on politics.  This is not a reversal.  It is more of a continuing rationale as to why.  Maybe you will agree or disagree.  But, my belief is we have an awful lot of work to do to convince both the body politic, that’s us, and the politicians, that’s them, what the genuine needs, conditions, demands and givens are out here in the real world.

We may also disagree on some of those.  But, I rather think, that for most people who have any common sense left, there will be more  light than heat. Let’s give it a try:

Senior Citizen ‘Givens’

Given: Most polled Americans seem to think we are going in the wrong direction.

Given: Our leadership seems more dedicated to self-interest than our interest.

Given:  Disagreement is not always a virtue.

Given: Inability to come together in civil discourse is not a vice.

Given: Committees don’t solve problems, wisdom does.

Given:  The Past is a teacher not always to be ignored or demonized.

These are just a handful of Givens that need to be introduced into the fray of our current world condition.  Allowing reason and temperate behavior into the room is not a sign of weakness, it is an indicator of maturity and power.  Exercising the latter is a requisite for problem solving.

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