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Seniors Join 99% Movement

The 99% movement is gaining momentum.  Some are critical of its intent and purpose.  Many seniors realize why it is happening.  A good way to understand it can be found by visiting the website www.wearethe99%.comIndividual testimonies, accompanied by photographs of those impacted by the downturn in today’s economy, illustrate the struggle well.

It is one of those events that might not have been predicted.  However, for students of history and the world scene, what is happening is very predictable.  Persons, caught in circumstances beyond their control, will finally take action. France in 1789 is one of the best examples of that.  The Bonus Marchers, veterans of World War 1, tried making their case to Mr. Hoover and the nation’s capitol, but were rebuffed.  Eventually, the undercurrents join the mainstream. There is no capping the discouragement, disgust, and despair of people who are left with little, if any, hope.

Revolution, while at the heart of the American historical experience, is not a well liked word in America.  But, like other countries in the world, when conditions merit revolution, revolution is sparked in some form, through some medium.

America has arrived at one of those forks in the road, that, as Yogi Berra said, has to be taken.

The Winds of Change

Ignoring the dynamics, refuting the initiatives being taken by increasing numbers, denying the legitimate needs ordinary people are experiencing won’t get the job done.  America has  been traditionally, with some exceptions historically, a country of fairness, egalitarianism, democratic, with a little d. Every time a country grows callously indifferent to its people, somehow a mighty wind blows.   It is now blowing across America.  Manifesting that so far has not eventuated in major conflict, but the winds are stirring.  Ere long, some evidence of being aware of the forecasts this implies a more widespread storm will be necessary.

Voting for one party or another is not likely to solve the dilemma.  Getting angry and accusing people without gainful employment for their condition will not address the issues.  Accusing one another with slanderous epithets will not change the dynamic.

Being aware of the conditions and circumstances that thousands are facing, showing solidarity with their state, demonstrating a compassion that understands you could or may be subject to the same outcome will make a difference.

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