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Affordable Care Act Distorted

Jerry is taking the day off, so Senior Moments is in Sharon’s lap today.  Senior Citizen Journal recently received an email with a YouTube link for a video purportedly addressing the “TRUTH” about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  My antenna was raised with the language describing the video, so I clicked on the link and watched the ten minute video.

Because I have read the entire law, word for word, I believe I have a good understanding of it.  The YouTube video was full of distortions and outright lies. It referred to specific pages, and lines on those pages.  For example, the first one referred to page 22 and claimed the law allows for medical provider’s books to be audited.  In reality, page 22 of the law addresses the requirement for insurance companies to provide value for premium payments and dependent coverage.  Has nothing to do with auditing anyone’s books.  Another example:  the video says on page 29, health care will be rationed.  Page 29 actually deals with creation of the exchanges in each state, defines medical terms and prohibits discrimination based on salary. Has nothing to do with rationing healthcare.

I did not find a single claim in the video to be accurate. Even the final website link went to a nonexistent website.

Why the Lies about the Affordable Care Act?

After I got my blood pressure back to normal, I began to ponder why people had to lie and create distortions about the AHA.  So I went back to my days as a human behavior professional.  I recalled why people feel the need to lie.  Children often tell lies to try to hide something.  They may be trying to avoid punishment.  Teens often lie in an attempt to ‘raise’ their position in the hierarchy of their friends.  They think a lie may put them in a better position in the group.  Adults lie for all these reasons as well.  And in addition, adults lie to try to influence decisions.  “If I can make you believe what I am saying, then you will do what I want you to do.”

The reason for the lies is really pretty simple:  Lies about the ACA abound because those opposing the law want you to oppose it as well.  If you actually read the law (here it is, once again), you will discover the negativism surrounding it is based on lies.  The truth about the act is something most people will support, if they take the time to read the bill.  People won’t oppose the truth, so those who want to rescind the legislation have to resort to lies.

The Affordable Care Act is actually a first step in providing health care to every citizen in the wealthiest nation on earth. Good for US!

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