Seniors: Plan Holidays to Avoid Disappointment

Aug 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Just around the corner, not far from Labor Day, the seasonal holidays which create traditional opportunities for getting together will be here.  The need for all the typical preparations will be upon us and the best plans will need to be in place to avoid disappointment and forgotten details.   

Start now planning your seasonal holidays to avoid the disappointment of things not coming together.  Choose dates for getting together with family.  Nail down commitments for all family members who have the discretion to travel.  Look for flights and other travel accommodations which will enable early bookings at a savings.  Anticipate weather related issues.  Plan to gather where it will allow for the maximum amount of access and comfort for all attending.  Decide on meal arrangements.  Whoever is hosting should be assured of mutual family participation so as not to put the expense burden on one person or family.   Account for the difficulties of travel on the part of the older members of the family.  Be sure to give consideration for their special needs.  Be sensitive to dietary issues within the family. 

Just as the packages will be stacked around the tree, so will the necessity of having all the appropriate details in place and decisions made.  For the day of the event itself, make sure there is ample seating for everyone.  Assign tasks so nothing is left undone at the last minute.  Have someone be in charge of the kids, so they don’t get bored or testy.  Look out for accidents.  Remove throw rugs and furniture which may impede traffic.  Keep someone at the ready to refill the punch bowl, stoke the fire place, pick up after the kids. 

The point of all of this is that the more thought put into preparations for the holidays, the better it will be enjoyed by one and all.  Leaving details to happenstance will create an environment of chaos.  And while chaos is always a given at holidays, let it be intentional, planned chaos. At the end of the day, let all know their place and role in helping to clean up and put the house back together.  A happy holiday is a shared holiday in preparations, enjoyment and return to normalcy.

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