Seniors: Physical Therapy, Worth Every Minute

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My primary care physician referred me to physical therapy recently, after I revealed my own concerns over issues of imbalance and fear of falling. She was spot on. The facility to which I was referred turned out to be a first class, well coordinated, staffed and highly professional operation. The therapist assigned to me could not have been more competent, sensitive, helpful and well aware of my issues and needs.

Each session lasted an hour. There were days when I had wished for more. There were nights when I realized the achiness in my bones and muscles. Eventually, it was all worth it. Each session included a variety of exercises which assisted the increase in my strength, confidence and overall interest in committing to and experiencing improvement.

Each session was a new experience in finding ways to coax my body to be more exercise friendly. My balance issues began coming into focus and I realized what I had to do to coach myself toward more and more confidence and strength. The encouragements of the therapist contributed to a growth in my conviction that I could do each assignment. The helpful instructions and light touches to assure me that I would not fall assisted my pushing myself further. There were times when I wondered if it were, in fact, all worth it. Now, that I have completed the regimen and feel the comfort in my muscles and body, I know that it was worth every minute.

My need for physical therapy had come on as a result of surgery and my own resistance to daily and disciplined exercise. The result was that I was continuing to experience a decline in my physical abilities. I had, in short, grown lazy and had given in to what was easy. The time and situation collided so that I could not avoid or escape the need for working on my body.

So, the weeks rolled by and with them each appointment began awakening me to how weak and listless my body had become. Soon, however, I was also aware of how my body began responding and how my legs and ankles, hips and feet were beginning to take seriously what was going on. I began to hear differerent, new messages coming from my muscles. My brain began sending orders that I felt I could perform.

Today, was my last session. It was as if I were graduating. My therapist gave me my final report. She showed how I had made progress by comparing the first day’s inventory of my ability, which clocked in at a grade of 17 out of 30 to the final day’s test which showed my grade of 27 out of 30. The measurement was to determine the risk factor of falling. When she gave me the news, we hugged. She was proud of our combined accomplishment and I was pleased with what she had helped me to do.

We parted. I had a new friend and new confidence. The time and energy spent had been well worth it.

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