Seniors: Perfecting the Traits of Aging

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Seniors are charged with all kinds of things as we move inexorably toward becoming older.  Our behaviors are observed and often commented upon.  Our habits or tics are often a nuisance to others or sometimes just a mark of character.  Our personalities have begun to settle into patterns predictable, humorous, unique. 

As we become more and more aware of those behaviors that seem to uniquely identify us and display our persona we are met with choosing to reinforce those behaviors, discard them, or just leave them alone.  They are us.  We are they. 

To be sure each, of us is guilty of some idiosyncrasies which may be deserving of discarding.  But some of who we are and what we demonstrate in our day to day living tells a lot about us and bespeaks the careful making of a character.  On occasion, I run into a descendant of a family I have known most of my life.  It is entertaining and reminiscent of that family just to have a short visit with him.  He is, by definition, illustrative of “character.”  Humor, anecdotal stories, commentaries about his father and grandparents all reveal a rich and happy life.  He is pleasant to encounter.  He is honing his traits of aging. 

When I was a teenager, it was my custom to drop in to visit some of the local business heads who were part of the personality of my hometown.  Today, in my reminiscent moods, I can recall the pleasure at spending time with them and listening to their stories.  They are mostly all gone now. It isn’t quite so easy to find persons who have crafted so much character into who they are.  We are, too often, a part of a vanilla world, looking for some tutti fruiti, or at least chocolate or strawberry.  We need more flavor and zest in our dialogs, more individuality, more custom made experiences that come from a lifetime of enjoying being a personality.

As we continue on this road of aging, perhaps we can give thought to how we are painting the canvas of our own lives.  Will it be a masterpiece?  Will it express the qualities of admiration and integrity we so enjoy experiencing?  Will it be more about what life is and can be than just an imitated version of it all? 

Working at it and on it is one of the ways we can invest our time and energies, thus making for ourselves and others someone to be enjoyed and sought after.  Be a masterpiece in your own life and thinking to your family, friends, new acquaintances and especially to those who are younger who look to computer screens or television to try to find any touch of the unique. If they see you perfecting the traits of aging maybe they will assume the challenge and do the same.

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