Seniors: No Complaints, Please

Jan 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Almost anywhere you live in the Continental United States, and certainly Alaska, you are likely following the weather reports studiously.  Just spent a few minutes going from house to barn and back, where we live, it is bitter.  The temp is at 34….I don’t even venture the wind chill.  And this is balmy compared to some dear saints who live considerably further north. The sky is overcast and gray.  As the great W.C. Fields once allowed “it’s just not fittin for man nor beast.” 

The storms which have inundated the country have left many with cause for concern, particularly if the power goes down.  Others have been stranded because of mountains of snow blocking their egress.  Everyone in the cold and ice belt is taking measures to protect their water lines, pets, livestock, fruit trees, and anything needing protection in the freezing temperatures. 

I was standing in line, along with the whole town the other day, in preparation for the coming winter blast.  Overheard a woman saying skeptically, ‘guess this is global warming.”  Others around her chuckled.  No ma’am it isn’t global warming; it is evidence of climate change when warm and cold air collide against each other.    But some can’t bear not having someone to blame or criticize, or complain over or about. 

If we can level our barrage of complaints, it seems we think that we have done our part to stand up against whatever is going awry in our world.  It does no good.  It comforts no one.  It changes nothing.  It doesn’t add to the probability or likelihood of reversing the situation.  But, go on complaining, as some do, with the expectation that, if and when heard, they will be seen as having stood up against  conventional wisdom.      

We can insist that we live in an unchanging world, that doesn’t mean we do.  We can bombard with our complaints of science and reason and politics and any other discipline we like or dislike, for that matter.   But when the storms, Ike, Katrina, Indonesia, the Phillippines, and continents and countries whose names and locations we barely know, are hit by the deluge of wind and water and earthquake and fire, then does not something tickle our curiosity? 

Information and understanding prepares our need for readiness when unusual climatalogical  phenomena descend on our heads and around us.  It is no 2012 or armageddon, it is nature at work, exhibiting its normal behaviors. We would do ourselves well to look upon the seismic shifts as the condition of the universe in which we live.  Having done so, perhaps our intellects will exhibit more respect and less complaints for how our world works.

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