Seniors: New Realities, Old Habits

Apr 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In the face of so many sociological, political, world shaking problems, disasters, issues and upheavals, how do we we begin to adjust?  First, of all it is all CHANGE, and change is one thing older persons have a hard time respecting.  Try facing it down today and you will lose. 

Adjustment is the new expectation. Well, maybe not so new, but certainly inevitable.  Like it or not, try to fend it off as we might, it will be around and it will prevail.  Today’s world means a shedding of our old habits, our past behaviors, our long held biases, our expectations for calm serenity.  Change is here to stay, but it changes every day. 

As challenging as it all may be, our new perspective needs to be set amidst a world that is constantly in flux in all of its dimensions.  If we go to the supermarket, expect higher prices, products that need to be researched for their integrity, behaviors of clerks and others that are sometimes indifferent.

When going to church, you may need to be prepared for a new message, one that pushes us to be equipped to live in the now and the future, instead of harking to the past with all its limitations and bygone myths. 

As we face illness and disease, in our advanced aging, we will be required to be met with wiser, more proficient medical professionals.  The old country doctor is no more.  Equipment and medications have emerged which may give us a better chance for survival, but also may influence our quality of life.

Who could know that an earthquake and tsunami halfway around the world would have such frightening implications for us all?  Who could comprehend how the changing weather patterns are leaving their imprint worldwide, in spite of those who would still resort to denial and disbelief?

Old habits will not serve us well or at all in these times.  They are the proverbial albatross around our necks, pulling us down, discouraging our own flight into a world that we could not  have imagined even a short quarter century ago.  New realities are urging us to examine how we shall see ourselves and our roles and our attitudes and our behaviors in this new world a coming.  Holding desperately to the yesterdays will not serve us in these days.

Those who cling longingly to some supposed end game that will fetch up the good and cast down the evil may draw temporary pleasure from such judgmentalism.  However, it will be brief and it will be false.  Courage, foresight, strength in thought and mind are the abilities to hone and sharpen for trying our best to get through every now and be ready for every eventuality. 

Character, not fear, is our best quality for perfecting.  Feeling as if the power of the universe will be such that it serves to enable our existence and will do so, when and as we learn the lessons of stewardship for taking care of each other and this planet. 

That is an old lesson…do unto others…which will survive, only if our own sense of deep and abiding compassion survives with us.

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