Seniors Need Someone to Reach Out and Touch Them

Aug 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Almost 100 years ago, about the time Alexander Bell invented the telephone, AT&T came up with a wonderful one liner: Reach Out and Touch Someone.  It was quite effective and stirred and stimulated the general public to make a ginormous number of long distance calls.  The irony is that they were playing on the sentiments, emotions and traditions of families.  Call your Mom, call your kids, call your Gramma!  Just call! Smart marketing.  True need.

The irony is that as old as that commercial is, it still rings true. Living apart from family, as most do, means a  lot of calling.  Of course, with cell phones, today’s dynamics are far different.  At one time, which is why ATT was advertising so then, it seemed too costly to be and stay in touch.  Now, one calls as quickly and thoughtlessly as beginning a conversation with someone on a bus or train.  

Reaching out to someone dear today is not blocked by excuses or technology or lack of money.  Almost everyone carries a cell phone.  Almost everyone, outside their door, is connected to them. Almost anyone welcomes hearing from someone who cares and has something to share. 

When losing touch in our time, it is entirely possible , within minutes, if not seconds,  to reestablish contact.  If there is someone from long ago you would love to reconnect with, it is simple to make that  connection.  It is a miracle and a wonder that we don’t have to lose touch with family and friends.  Reaching out and touching someone sitting next to you, on the elevator, sometimes even face to face  is more difficult than carrying on a conversation with someone far away.

An inordinate number of people are reaching out these days.  Walking the streets, one is quick to observe the number of people with a phone to their ear, or talking to themselves.  Walking in a mall, there are countless numbers of teens who are carrying on animated conversations with someone over the phone. 

Importantly, it is worth our choosing who will be listed among those we call with frequency and storing their numbers so that, upon a whim, we may call them.  Parents in assisted care facilities, someone in the hospital for an extended stay, a dear cousin or aunt or long distance friend, not seen much anymore.  Seniors need to have and know how to use their own cell phones.  If they are intimidated by them, they surely need means, within reach, to call those important to them.  Sustaining regular contact is as important to older persons as it is to teenagers.  Knowing someone has thought of you and wanted to be in touch is an enormous upper. 

Reach out and touch those whose lives are less active, whose world has become smaller, whose need for intimacies is as important as ever.

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