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Seniors Make Choices

Having the experience of emotional and psychological interruptions, there comes a time to take the villains by the shoulders and shake vigorously. Recognizing that no matter the nature of the senior experience, your taking full control of your emotional state is necessary in order to have a worthwhile and rewarding day to day existence.

It is ours to determine the shape and texture of our personalities, whether to be a person whose disposition is off putting, or one whose behavior is inviting and enjoyable to encounter.

There are numerous and unexpected occasions in our lives that offer making the choice from living under a cloud or chasing a rainbow. There is little to be said to harbor feelings that ultimately are self defeating and, literally, life destroying.

Nothing Gained With Negativism

There is nothing to be gained by holding on to those feelings that drag us down and continue to rob us of our chance to live a fruitful and sweet existence. Finding the nature within that encourages, reinforces, builds a better you is worth more than all the despondent energy it takes to continue living a negative life.

Many words have been written that seek to pull us out of the pits of despair that come along now and then.  Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and others advised, long ago, several practices that can offer a better life formula.  There are many more, and much more recent advisers, whose counsel we are invited to seek.

Whatever the suggested strategies might be, new or very old, finding a path to follow that offers a chance to be a better you is the one we most ardently seek. Constructing the framework to enable our moving on and supporting the conditions of living that allow us to do so will enable our having a more productive and fulfilling day by day existence.


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