Seniors: Moving and Loving It

Apr 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Someone has opined that the average person or family moves a dozen times in a lifetime.  Our record is so far beyond that that it isn’t even funny.  We have just completed another one.  The last one was exactly a year to the month. My religion now includes prayers not to have to move again or more often than one more time in my lifetime. 

The assault of a move upon one’s body and spirit is considerable.  Every muscle, bone, sinew, follicle and fingernail hurts.  Every item, no matter its size or lack of importance, has to be handled, wrapped, packed, picked up, transported and the process is repeated once arrival has brought you to your next domicile.  The only relief is blessed bedtime, when excaping boxes and wrapping papers and stuff placed hither and thither can be avoided for another eight hours or so. 

Somewhat like the flu, the only satisfaction is that a move normally takes about 7 days, assuming no long distance travel is involved.   With each item put away, with every box that is removed, with the garage emptied of stuff you never use anyway, the better the sense that this major catastrophic invasion into your life will have come to an end. 

The great satisfaction is when most everything has been accomplished, maybe with the exception of hanging the pictures.  That, for me, always symbolizes that the worst is over.  When “my chair” is in place, and I can find my toothbrush, then the roughest part of the move seems to subside. It is then that normalcy seems to return.  The exceptions come when about six or eight times out of every hour, the cry of “Honey, where is the (fill in the blank).” That goes on for about another week and then life seems to settle back down, except when the discovery is made of items broken, pieces lost, equipment requiring a service call and so on. 

Now, you tell me why a move is not to love.  It really is one of those life experiences that brings forth the challenge to beat down all the demons that seem to come with it.  Having done so, look forward to those halycon days or evenings when you will be able to sit in your favorite chair, with a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite game or show.

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