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Picture Hanging Stage

We have reached the picture hanging stage. This means that there are fewer boxes to be unpacked and less things to put away. This is usually a good sign in the stages of moving. There can now be more time spent relaxing the back, which is severely traumatized by all this, and less time with the details of the house.  The only difficulty with the picture hanging stage is that there must be final agreement on where the item goes, on which wall, over which table, etc.

There is less conflict by now.  There really hasn’t been much and most of it has been appropriately internalized. There is really little need for conflict, nothing to be gained, and a lot to be sacrificed if the situation is reduced to a fighting match.  Things are just things, after all.  They need to be treated with the respect they deserve, like human beings.  But the human beings need to be given priority.

Moving into this final stage of moving leaves me with wondering what topic we will undertake next. Most of us have grown weary by now of this rather drawn out escapade.  Your vicarious experience with us has made it less difficult, m0re entertaining.  That’s the way it is with friends.  We get along because we go along together through whatever.  You have been with us on this journey from start to finish.  You have tolerated our frustrations and our impatience.  You have been a real pal.

Thanks to Friends

When, if ever, you go through something that needs the friendship and shoulder of another, I would like to try to repay you for your having been there for us. Most of us don’t plan the hitches that come along in life, but they do come, uninvited and in need of the strength to get through them.

Moving really does, quite seriously, have a multitude of adjustments and machinations that affect those who go through it.  From trying to remember where things are to discovering  you left some important matters behind in your haste to get away, there are little and big things that crop up and give you a pain in the back or neck or shoulder.  It is not to be taken lightly.

Finding a way to say goodbye to those you didn’t have or take time to bid farewell can now occupy your thoughts and intentions.  Old friends, good friends and semi-moderate friends deserve an appropriate salute as you make your way into a new neighborhood and develop new friends.

So, I will hang another picture and think about the multitude of life’s enjoyments that gave us 15 years of pleasure and joy and riches beyond measure.


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