Seniors: Monday Morning Satisfactions

Apr 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Mondays weren’t always like this.  When employed, I normally chose to take Mondays as my day off.  It was a wise choice, because the weekend, for a pastor, is normally a time of demand, emotional, intellectual and physical.  If you aren’t up for the weekend, it is like missing the best shopping day of the season if you are a merchant. 

So, now in retirement, Mondays bring with it unusually satisfying hours.  It is a time when sleeping in is allowed, although that is seldom done.  It is a time when whatever I want to do I give myself permission to do so.  Right now, apparoaching noon, I am writing this column.  It allows me the chance to be myself, with my thoughts, just to see what comes out of these wonderful keyboard letters. 

The day is crisp, a storm front moved through last night.  The out of doors, what a quaint phrase, beckons to be out and about enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun.  It is one of those times when it feels that I am only accountable to myself, a time when I can savor every moment, for what it is, a time to be filled with clean air and untarnished hope. 

It is a time to give permission to my mind to take the day off as well.  No fret, no worry, no troubling anxiety about all the things over which I have no control.  Just take in another gulp of that wonderfully delicious oxygen, exhale as you gaze upon the fresh green of the landscape, slightly damp from a springtime rain.

Mondays can come everyday when you are retired. They aren’t fraught with tasks and duties that can’t wait. The day is one in which your own life is yours. Mondays, or whatever day is Monday for you, are inordinately important. They contribute to mental health and emotional tranquillity. This is retirement. And, if it isn’t, then you may want to reevaluate what you are doing on your Mondays.

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