Seniors: Minor Illness, Major Insult

Apr 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

As seniors we are  met with a minor illness now and again.  While minor in its physical implications, it offers a major insult to our pride and self image.  We are of the opinion that such inconveniences should be something easily deterred and more often avoided altogether.  Our bodies tell us otherwise, however. 

Heading off minor illnesses is no big deal, except when something comes upon the scene that we don’t quite understand:  a symptom, a troubling condition that ordinary otc meds don’t seem to address, and so on.  Then we get a little more troubled and even have to cave in to  an appointment with one’s primary care physician.  As delightful as that is, because I love our doctor and her entire staff and modus operendi, I still don’t want to have to admit I need their services.

But, after a week or a little more of these troubling signs, it becomes time to surrender to wisdom, my spouse and the recognition that I can’t seem to head it off by myself.  It is then that such recognition heads off in the right direction of some kind of examination and hopefully cure.  Delay and denial are frequent habits of older persons.  Don’t quite know why or how it is we are so prone to procratinate, but we do.  It seems almost as if we deserve to put things off, as a right.  

The irony is that the malady is usually  not something to cause alarm, is easily treated, and any anxiety over whatever it might have been is quickly defused.  Our dread is often greater than our determination to do something about it. 

So, the next time a minor illness, or what seems like one, presents itself, pounce on it right away, dispel its imagined dangers and see to it that it has no more influence or power in your life.  Having done that  recognize that even the insult is minor and that life can proceed with little to no irritation.

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