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Seniors Stand Up For Decency and Honor

Perhaps, just maybe, there is a resurgence of integrity making its way through our land.  Perhaps, just maybe, there is a revival of decency and honor and respectability raising its head and heart among us senior citizens.

What this tells us, this attention now being paid to appropriate behavior, being given credibility by those who are standing up for civility and speaking out against those who have robbed the public scene of decent standards, is that we seniors can contribute to the moral fabric and values of our culture. The loosening of the ethical practices has come over a long period of time, a long haul of persons and practices that just ignored behaviors that slowly, but very dramatically, deteriorated.  It became okay to insult and belittle.  It became increasingly acceptable to set loose obscene language, to demean others, without apology,  off putting comments that minimize another, indecent and salacious acts, words and put downs that have no redeeming value.

And now, we have come face to face with the hurt and pain and assault it produces.  We have become aware of what it does to any code of respect and how it emphasizes disrespect.  We have become conscious of how easy it is to overlook and allow such practices to become routine and ordinary.  That cannot continue to be.  Not if we want a society and a culture that promulgates a standard of behavior that makes for honesty and honor, decorum and propriety.

Choose to Make a Difference

Kudos  to those advertisers who have pulled their advertising from the show and host, in question.  By now most everyone knows the subject and there need be no additional trumpeting of the name.

Had we continued to ignore, turn our ears to the insults and assaults, it would  mean that there would be  less respect shown to others, not more.   Paying heed to those who cultivate such behaviors for their own ends,  means that there would be less generosity and gentility.

This is what we get in a  culture where fewer and fewer care or demonstrate respect or show politeness.  Maybe this is what happens when those who know better don’t do better.  Maybe intimidation becomes the norm. Until more and more ordinary people, like us, say, “No more!”

Maybe, we can make a difference.  Maybe we can show our disdain for such low and dirty and disrespectful dishonor of others.  Maybe we can illustrate that “words” do carry with them a power and an impact that we need to respect.  Maybe our contribution can come not only through a boycott of goods, or which production we watch or listen to, but a boycott of behaviors that contribute to the loss of self respect and goodness and  principles.

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