Seniors: Making Choices Before Its too Late, Part 2

Mar 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We left each other yesterday after having reviewed three choices that are imminent in the lives of seniors. We addressed Long Term Care insurance, Moving into a Care Facility, and Estate Planning.

Today, we look at some other of the issues which require our attention.  

*The first is Eliminating Stuff.  This topic has been addressed before, but reminders never hurt.  Accumulations are easy to acquire and keep and allow control over you.  Before energy is dissipated or someone in the family is forced to the task, perhaps it would be wise to begin your own sorting and distributing.  All of the things someone else would enjoy can now be theirs.  All of the stuff that seemed once so important can be relegated to wherever would be appropriate.  Then, when/if you choose to live elsewhere a major part of the tedious work will have been done.  Congratulations, you are in charge again.

*Now you are in a position to begin deciding where you will live.  If you are a couple, perhaps you will want to stay in your present domicile.  If single, a variety of options can be available. Down sizing is a wise move for seniors.  Having shifted the stuff to another environment, preferably not a storage unit, you now may  think in terms of a condo, perhaps a residence with a one car garage, an apartment, a high rise complex with no lawn to maintain, and so on. The important considerations here are a reduction in responsibility, having to  provide upkeep and costs.  This is a time when reducing overhead is a real possibility.  In this economic climate, that is a very good idea.

*Keeping a regular schedule for check ups with your physician(s) is also a discipline necessary to older persons.  Avoiding a regular visit to your primary care physician and any follow ups that he/she may require will not only save you money, but enable the heading off of serious illnesses that may translate into something far more difficult to deal with.  Put nothing off, ignore no instructions or referrals.  Never hesitate to make an appointment if you have a concern.  Waiting is often a senior’s worst enemy.    

*Mobility and exercise are two other characteristics of a a healthy older person’s life.  Being able to get around is very important, offering flexibility, fun and freedom.  Keeping up a schedule which will enable the use of legs and hips, arms and full body will be the most rewarding of all the matters that need to be made before it is too late. 

There are other considerations for the attention of seniors.  As they prompt you to be aware of them, do something about them.  Putting off, waiting till its too late, thinking you probably are okay, assuming an aspirin or other short cut will address it are all ways to detour you into more and greater issues.  Pay attention to your body.  Listen to the hints.  Observe the changes.  Before it is too Late.

Tomorrow’s Topic: Enough Already!

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