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Looking Forward With Positive Hope

Five days into the new year and already we are met with curious inquiries of how it is shaping up for us.  For my part, my physical stamina has been challenged by a winter cold that has left me depleted and dilatory.  That happens with many of us now and again.  It has been a long time since I last coped with such insult to my spirit and body.

This too will pass.  And with it, so will the lack of energy be replaced with stamina to meet each new day with appropriate expectations.  Then, taking on whatever is out there will come with splendid promise. Part of the reason we enjoy good health is that it is so much fun.  We are able to invest ourselves in each new day, looking for the dividends that come from feeling as if we are making some kind of difference.

Those senior caucus attenders in Iowa and the voters in New Hampshire likely feel pretty good about themselves for participating in the democratic process.  People who are meeting the new day in a new year may feel somewhat encouraged that their personal lives will know improvement. Someone lurking out there may have some solutions, not yet considered, which will offer positive encouragement.  2011 is over, past, gone.  It leaves only its lessons learned.  Dwelling on its regrets will do little to contribute to anything which will make 2012 better.

Create Your Own Sunshine

Raise your own flag, march to your own tune, meet the day with determination and well thought through defiance.  Do not allow discouragement to have a place in your being. Hold back the pettiness that would sap your energies.  Dispel the heart breaks that steal goodness from your soul.  Let your life be a reflection of the sunshine that brings warmth and introduces synergy into your living.

Find a reason to be that is uniquely your own.  Allow it to take on a contagion that spreads to others.  Open the windows of your heart so that kindness prevails and goodness is shared with all you encounter. Make a difference.

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