Seniors: Looking for Promise, Hoping for Change

Jan 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We are now officially launched into the new year: 2010!  In the blink of an eye it is already 4 days old.  Nobody can stop the train.  It rushes headlong toward an accumulation of tomorrows and yesterdays, while today is all we have.

Most critics of modern times look into their crystal balls to try to anticipate what those tomorrows hold.  They, like most of us, use what tools they have to prognosticate.  And, they, like us, are about as often wrong as right. 

What most of us wish for are some promises of better times.  Certainly, after the hairy and harrowing decade just past, much of which we have to carry as extra baggage, do we long for something better, more optimistic, less threatening with  its thunder clouds of despair.

What most of us seek are paradigm shifts in the mood and outlook of our future.  What most of us push against is all the utter and morbid declarations of defeat, bad news, irrational opposition against everything.

Here are some examples:

Home and Family Life: Our search includes instilling and encouraging  a pleasant serenity in our homes and among our families.  We long for a slowing down in all our busyness, a centering of our purpose as a family, an evaluation of why and how our family can be the core and center of our collective lives, leading us to healthier relationships beyond our front door.

Finances and Economy:  While this reaches far beyond our own circumstances, surely it includes frugal practices and cautious choices of our own.  Waiting for solutions to well up from actions beyond ourselves will likely deliver only vain and vague outcomes. 

A Spiritual Centering:  Some kind of spirituality usually can be introduced to enable promise and hope to have more meaning, internally. Such words as spirit, hope, promise, faith, and so on carry with them freight which differs from person to person and tradition to tradition.  What is important is uncovering and putting to work a spiritual compass which provides sound and sane direction. Grabbing at spiritual straws will not save a drowning man or woman.  Defining substance, designing a philosophical foundation which gives meaning to living will. 

Creating and Defining Productive Uses of  Time: Lacking  direction, none of us gets anywhere.  Our time account is as large  today as it will ever be. Managing our time wisely offers us ways to enjoy all the productivity we posess.  If we waste it away, we are literally sacrificing the greatest asset we possess.

Attitudes not Platitudes:  Day to day existence requires the ability to make healthy choices and decisions.  Defining your life around what is literally best for you in all respects is a full time requirement.  Looking out for your best self interest, finding humor and enjoying it, keeping your life’s framework well and fruitful means making good choices and choosing good over bad, even when tempted otherwise.  Taking happy vitamins everyday, preparing menus full of  optimistic soup and vegetables, looking for Vitmain D which brings sunshine to your life are all methods for having attitudes that matter and not espousing platitudes that don’t.   Stay in charge of your life, your disposition, your frame of mind, your outlook, your spirit and your expectations. 

Promise will come and hope can change, but only through our own healthy choices.

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