Seniors: Listening to All the Sounds

Apr 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging brings with it a cacophony of sounds. There are so many delightful new experiences which arouse the senses day by day as one grows older. Ordinary sounds are so ordinary that hearing them prompts one to force the discipline to be aware of their presence.

Sounds of morning bring with it deep exhalation when stretching first thing upon awakening. That is ordinarily followed by the flushing of the toilet or the running of water in the lavatory or shower. Pouring the first cup of coffee comes soon thereafter. Rummaging around in the kitchen to identify something suitable for breakfast is often a futile effort. How could I have forgotten eggs and bread at the market yesterday?

Opening drawers and sliding hangers to select what to wear, choosing shoes to coordinate with the wardrobe, unless the apparel is approximately the same every day. Opening and closing doors. Raising the garage door. Starting the car. Listening to the hum of the motor, unless you are hybrid. Did you forget your farewells, a kiss, a hug, a moment of intimacy?

Sounds can almost identify our day. Rewind for a moment to see what you overlooked. Your morning cough and clearing of the head. Your utterings and mutterings as you chart your day. Your slippers sliding across the floor. Your pet bouncing up for his morning greeting. Pulling the shades or draperies to get your first look at the day. Booting up your computer to get the morning news. Checking your cell phone for messages.

If retired, some of the sounds may vary, but likely not by much. Instead of a brief case, the golf clubs may be the first heavy lifting you do for the day. Opening the trunk, straining to throw them in the trunk. Maybe your pet(s) are ready for their morning constitutional. Off you go on a mile trek with the happiest creatures in the world. They are with you. An occasional bark at a neighbor’s dog. A cherry good morning greeting. Sounds.

Nothing remarkable, just the sounds of the waking world. Just the awareness of a new and fresh day awaiting with all its sights and pleasures and gifts and sounds. Simple, not really registering, just there. That is the magnanimous wonder that awaits us every day, poured out upon us, like the fresh flowing waters of a rushing stream. Listen to all the sounds.

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