Seniors: Life’s Most Satisfying Experiences

Jan 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

At retirement, or anywhere beyond, there are some markedly significant moments and experiences which need to be tucked away between the pages of a favorite book, written in a Diary, or photographed in some fashion for posterity.

Learning how to choose from among all the momentous events of a life and to capsulise those for recall are two important undertakings.  The older one gets, the harder it is to continue hoarding all the good memories and shared occasions which one would enjoy revisiting.  Recently, with reluctance and some sadness, we dumped years of Christmas, anniversary and other greeting cards that had sat undisturbed in our barn for years.  Keeping all of those boxes and treasures may have felt emotionally desirable.   How would it feel to others to have the task fall their way of discarding them?  So  my wife and I did the dirty deed.  No offense to those who had so thoughtfully and caringly sent them from year to year.  Their shelf life had just worn out. 

Finding ways to store in one’s memory the best of the best is a real challenge.  Fortunately, there are technologies available that reduce slides to discs and scrapbooks to abbreviated formats.  Who knows, when sitting in a facility, some years hence, those may serve as better entertainment than American Idol?

Giving away things to persons who will both enjoy them and think of you is another way to “hang on to treasures.”  We were in our veterinarian’s office the other day for a check up of one of our “children.”  We noticed he has a collection of pet objects ‘d art.   Our doctor will soon add  part of our collection to his. 

Maybe the best part of life is extending the life of good and enjoyable times to others and through others.  We are finding all kinds of things that remind us of our grandchildren and how they would enjoy the pieces.  We are picking and choosing furniture which will go directly to our children.  We are discovering  how to extend the history of our family by sharing it and its significance among our family. 

Some of the stuff, which has some value, but no lasting sentimental value, will go to libraries and museums for their use and display.  Some things will go to places that share them with others to add to their comfort and satisfaction of knowing that someone else cares.

There is no need to throw out  everything in the trash bin, before recognizing that that item, that particular object might have use and value to and for someone else.  My weight gain assures that that is true with much of my wardrobe.  Before going through the embarrassment of someone taking note of your overweight proportions in suits and slacks, long since hanging too long in your closet, give them away.   

Life’s most satisfying experiences include sharing not only things and stuff with others, but the joys of the times and times of joy that come from whatever you choose to give away.

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