Seniors: Keeping the Heart in Your Relationships

Feb 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Wherever the idea of the Heart as a symbol of Love came from, it surely today is well used as a chacterization for the next upcoming holiday observance: Valentine’s Day.  The symbol runs deep and is probably the most frequently used on cards given on the occasion.  I so remember the joy of preparing Valentine cards in elementary school for sharing with all my classmates.  While it may seem slightly outmoded today, we really meant the greeting messages back then.  And, to get a card from a special girl or boy was almost like declaring your “intentions.”  Of course, by the next year, those cards would be addressed to a different name and flame.

While the Day has become heavily commercialized, just like all the others, it carries with it an occasion for, at least on the day, expressing thoughtful caring for another or others. That is why,when I stroll past the long rows of greeting cards designated for Valentine’s Day, I pause to take them in.   They are a reminder, some humorously, how special someone really is to us. It is an invitation to allow yourself to let someone know that you really do care about and for them. It doesn’t have to be schmaltzy.  It only needs to be a reminder that you think about them and wish them a special day.

Particularly, is it important to extend greetings by letting  your romantic notions–a bouquet, candy, whatever gift is affordable and appropriate–be sent or delivered. 

It is never out of season to let someone know how utterly precious they are in your life.  Think about people like these:

  • An elderly parent, friend, other relative
  • Someone who helps you at some necessary undertakings often
  • Your favorite hair dresser, postperson, mechanic, UPS/Fed/EX delivery person
  • Your neighbor
  • A friend at a spa or gym or a staff member who keeps you in shape
  • Of course, children and grandchildren.

The list can be exhaustive. Depending upon how far and wide you wish to reach, but think in terms of persons who will be most surprised and elated to have been remembered.  Keep the Heart in your relationships.  All of them.  All of the time.

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