Seniors: Keeping Occupied on the Road

Jan 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of the most treasured gifts I received over the holidays is a small, portable DVD device which plays movies, allows me to listen on earphones and ride along (as a passenger) fully entertained.  Casually, before Christmas I mentioned my interest in one.  And, behold that is what showed up under the tree.  They are wondrous little devices, which can do well in a car where one  or more travelers can enjoy being entertained.  Of course, at no time should the driver be distracted.  If that is the case, then a quarantine to the back seat will probably be necessary.

There are other fun things to do while on the road.  Sudoku is a game that has caught on and in isolation keeps the attention of the player and car quiet.   It appears that ere long WiFi will be available on many vehicles, which should create another interesting travel diversion.

It is amazing how many games and distractions are now available on the market.  Probably there should be some understanding in the car before departure, some rules and boundaries which make sure that nothing untoward results from too much enthusiasm on the road.  A car is still a massive piece of machinery, albeit comfortable and well suited for satisfaction, but which must be treated respectfully.

So, on your next adventure on the road, with passengers who do better having some entertainment, like audio or Kindle books, etc., be sure plans are made to accommodate them.  You and they will find the trip much more relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable.

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